Innovative ALord Forging Technology For Truck, Trailer, Bus, RV

Through newly modernized facilities and computerized robotic production system, We provide the best Quality and Service.

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Weight Reduction with Innovative AL Forging Tech

Aiming at Becoming the Best FORGED ALUMINUM

WHEEL and HUB MAKER in the World

Description Iksan Main Plant Remarks
Current Mid 2014 End 2014
Melting Furnace 1   1  
Forging Machine 2 1 1  
X-Ray Non-Destructive Testing M/C 1      
Heat Treating Oven 1      
Machinging Line Automatic
(2 Lines)
(1 Lines)
(1 Lines)
NDC M/C 2   1  
Air Leak Test 2   2  
Lot Marking M/C 2   2  
Fluorescence Test & Pre-Treatment Facility 1      

Manufacturing Process

Raw Meterials, Furnace, 2,500Ton Press Machines, X-Ray M/C Non-Destruction Test, Heat Treating Oven Solution Heat Treat Aging, Autiomatic 2 Lines Manual 6 Lines, Leak Test M/C, Fluorescent Lamp, Pre-Treatment Facility Surface Pre-Treatment Inspection/Parking