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Specification HUB - 10TONS


Weight 12.4Kg 9.75Kg 10.5Kg
HUB Rating 2,994Kg 5,216Kg 5,670Kg
Stud Bolt P.C.D 10X285.75 10X287.75 10.287.75
Wheel Stud M22XP1.5X122L M22XP1.5X125L M22XP1.5X135.7L
Hub Offset 137.4 8.74 36.07
Axle Name FF TN TP
Cap Bolt P.C.D 6X139.7 6X139.7 6X171.45
Outer Cone 3782 HM212049X HM518445
Outer Cup 3720 HM212011 HM518410
Inner cone HM212049 HM218248 HM518445
Inner Cup HM212011 HM218210 HM518445

Specification HUB - 5TONS

Specification HUB - 5TONS     Specification HUB - 5TONS

ITEM AH105001
ASS'Y 加工
Weight L5201 8.8Kg
HUB Rating 3,670Kg
Stub Bolt P.C.D 8X275
Wheel Stud M20XP1.5X10
Hub Offset 7.5
Axle Name RR
Cap Bolt P.C.D 6X140
Outer Cone HM212049(1.25kg)
Outer Cup HM212011
Inner Cone HM218248(1.77kg)
Inner Cup HM218210